KL, Week 2

This Means This, and This Means That: In the reading, they state that the meaning for the symbol of nuclear waste, or radioactive, can easily be forgotten or altered thousands or hundreds of thousands of years in the future. However, the object, apple, had many meanings other than fruit, it also signified healthy and temptation. Like the apple, do you think that the symbol of nuclear waste/radioactivity will only gain new meanings rather than distorting or losing its original meaning after thousands or hundreds of thousands of years? Why or why not?

Zettl SS&M:

Berger Ch. 1 (de Saussure): Saussure believes that people, whether they are aware of it or not, uses, generates, and interprets signs. What do you think are the differences, or how their reactions will be, if the people are aware or not aware of the signs they are confronted with?

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