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Well my name is Mark and I like to play music. Music has been a big part of my life because it helps me express myself. On weekends I often like to go out with friends on an adventure to a town or area of a neighborhood I haven’t been to before. This is my first semester at any college so i’m a bit nervous and don’t exactly know what to expect. As a child I used to be the quiet type but I eventually got out of my shell and became who I am today. I believe in traditional values and am sort of a republican, while i’m still quite centered on the political spectrum, i’d lean towards the right.
Media has influences my life very greatly, from the shows i’ve watched as a child, to the things I write and sing as an adult. As I have previously stated, music means a lot to me. I am constantly learning how to play new songs, and writing my own music for my enjoyment. It really helps me express myself and I feel that it is through music I have broken out of the shy shell I once wore. The media is responsible for crafting me into who I am today because of the video games i’ve played, and the television and movies i’ve watched. My parents used to really control what I was listening to and watching, because they knew that not all media is good. I’ve grown to understand that and I now choose for myself what I watch and how it influences me.

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