Desert Bus for Hope IV: A New Bus

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As some of you may know from previous years, the Victoria, BC based sketch comedy group LoadingReadyRun hosts a charity event every year called Desert Bus for Hope.

The plan goes like this, the members of LoadingReadyRun play a marathon session of the video game Desert Bus, a game that was part of the unreleased title “Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors” for the Sega CD. The game involves driving a bus through the desert, from Las Vegas to Tuscon, AZ at 40 miles per hour in real time. For completing the 8 hour trip once, the player receives 1 point. Upon arriving at Tuscon, the bus turns around and heads straight back to Las Vegas. There’s no scenery or passengers, just an occasional bug against the windshield.

The LoadingReadyRun crew takes donations via Paypal, with each donation taking a step towards increasing the time they must play the game. So far, it’s up to $20,000 this year, which means the crew must drive this horrid bus of boredom a total of 107 hours. But it doesn’t have to stop there!

LoadingReadyRun streams the entire event on the internet at, where you can watch them play, and chat live with the crew and other viewers. Additionally, the crew will take challenges in exchange for donations, so if you have any great ideas of ways that you want to humiliate, embarrass, or entertain people live on the internet, feel free to submit them! All proceeds from the event goes to Child’s Play, a fantastic charity who gives toys and games to children’s hospitals worldwide.

So if you have a heart for the children, or just enjoy seeing people suffer from boredom on the internet, please head over to and donate. At the very least, go over and watch, participate and tell your friends. It’s a great cause, and bloody fantastic entertainment.


Desert Bus Homepage

Child’s Play Homepage

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