Blog Response: Pow! Pow! Violence in Video Games

Title: Effects of Violent Computer Games on Children
Author: Really not sure (sorry!)

Ever think that the price of Red Bull at the 7/11 on State Street is too high? Ever imagine just taking one, punching the clerk in the face, and walking back out onto the street while some crazy electric guitar solo egged you on in the background? I do, every day of my life.

With this said, is it fair to conclude that because I play video games, I have become a more aggressive individual? Probably not.

I’m a firm believer that video games don’t make people violent. I’ve played GTA 3 for hours, sniping Grandma from the train platforms and running over police cars in a tank while driving down the wrong side of the street. Not once have I done this in real life (probably because of my lack of resources…I’ll get you, Grandma…) nor have I realistically thought of doing so. I think violent behavior in children could very well be a product of their environment. Abusive families have a tendency to produce violent kids. Kinda like how political families have a tendency to produce senators.

If anything, video games can be viewed as an outlet for our violent urges. Had a bad day at work? Come home and level an entire city using a taxi cab and a pistol.

As the author of this article mentioned, video games don’t turn us into murderers, but teach us patterns on how to behave. I can agree with this statement, to an extent. In army typed games, always referring to whatever you’re killing as a “terrorist” can portray the idea that killing the bad guys is a good thing. Taking a step out into the real world, though, shows us this exact same message. Hell, President *wince* Bush is basically telling the entire country that it’s ok to kill other people because they don’t think like we do. So applying this theory to my first example, if I claim that the clerk was a terrorist and the Red Bull was…umm…freedom…all would be okay in the world.

The bottom line is that you can’t give video games the brunt of society’s attack on violent behavior. Look at other media figures *cough*The President*cough* and see just what kind of messages the youth of America are really taking in.


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