Hot Dates with Men in Lace!

Ok, so it’s week 3 and I still don’t have the Video Game Theory Reader. The Columbia Bookstore let me down by never having it in stock, and the Columbia library stuck it to me by always having their one copy in circulation…somewhere. But hey, the good news is that I ordered it off of and should have in on October 3rd! Yay! Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me very much for this week’s assignment. Thankfully, I have my handy friend “Mr. Google Search” to help me gather the just of this reading. Here goes:

Mia Consolvo did a critical analysis on gender roles in videogames. She presents the idea that homosexuality is under represented. I suppose this statement is true, to an extent. In a majority of single player games, homosexuality is a rarity. I have played quite a few RPG’s in my days, and the protagonist (usually a male) falls for the leading lady. From the publisher’s perspective, this is the safest route. What would happen to sales if the point of the game was for John to save his love, Carlos? There are a lot of open minded, accepting gamers out there, but I think there are others who would be turned away by the idea. Plots like that just aren’t the norm, so I believe they’re keeping story lines safe and linear, using the equations that make the most money.

Stepping away from single player games; MMO’s usually don’t condemn homosexual relationships. When it’s the players that create the worlds that they live in, the developer has little control over the relationships that players create.  Things are much less linear on the internet.

Also, here’s a mini-stab at the author: Men that have long hair and wear lace on their clothing are not gay… Study the culture the text is from before analyzing the art.


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