I’m glad we’ve got something to read when we’ve got nothing else to be outraged about.

That’s really all this came off as to me. I couldn’t agree more with the response to “Hot Dates” that was posted on the site. “Hot Dates” was riddled with factual errors which prove that she’s not a video gamer who realized that her medium explained her ideals; she’s a feminist who saw a medium and–seemingly on a whim–decided to force it to fit her ideals without first fully exploring the medium. There’s nothing worse than an ill-thought-out argument.

Some of the weakest points included:

 (188) “Likewise, random characters in a game do not ‘come out’ as gay, lesbian, bisexual or even transsexual.” In spite of the fact that earlier she claims there IS no closet to come out of in the Sims. Doesn’t it getcha angry that they’re not allowed to break free from shackles that aren’t even really there? Goddamn patriarchal bastards!

and later,

“Although gay life may be unproblematic in one Sim neighborhood, those interested in gay life and culture will have little to go on, as the networks of gay society (including gay bars, bookstores and coffeehouses, gay films, political action groups and the larger gay community) are not readily present or apparent in this still gay-friendly world.” Yes. Political action.  In a perfect world where gay and lesbian sims have all the rights of straight sims, we need political action groups. I feel dumber for having read the aforementioned sentence. Seriously, is she talking about activism just for activism’s sake? (oh, well, it’s saturday, I’ve got nothing to do. Hey, let’s go get riled up and be activists for something.)

So, on the latter quote: doesn’t the real problem exist in the alienation from straight culture and a lack of acceptance that causes the necessity for gay culture? People like this author seem extremely caught up in the idea of alienation for the sake of alienation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see necessity for gay bookstores, gay coffeehouses, gay films or gay political action in a world where homosexuality is accepted (as the author states at one point, it is in the world of the Sims. She says herself there’s no such thing as a hate crime in the Sim universe). I’m not one for a homogenous society, but in a world where there’s acceptance, why the need for segregation?

Perhaps someone out there could explain to me why you need gay activism in a Sim-world where gays are (gasp! never say it!) exactly like you and me and your neighbor and your brother and your sister. Authors like this are segregationists in my eyes. These are the sort of folks that need 100 new terms to define different people by, and unless you agree with their segregationist rhetoric, you’re a hate-monger. She reminds me of the feminists who spell “women” as “wimmin” because “women” shouldn’t have to share the syllable “men” with the opposite gender.

I’ve got a better term than “wimmin.” How about “human?”

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