Enough With the Horrible Essays!

My response to- Hot Dates and Fairy Tale Romances by Mia Consalvo

Okay, who exactly gave these people license to write a book and sell it, and on top of that, use it in a classroom? This article did not point out anything new to anyone’s world. It’s just common sense. EVERYONE knows that it is hard for a gay male or a straight girl to identify with a male character pursuing a female character. Instead of just looking at two video games and instead of just looking at the surface level of those two video games, let’s compare more to broaden our examples and look at subtext. As with the last article, there is nothing be said here with any substance whatsoever. I have read a lot of criticism of art, I have read some queer theory and I have read quite a bit about women’s studies and saw none of these elements in this essay. I was really excited to read it and thought that possibly it could shed some light on the subject but alas, I was thoroughly disappointed.

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