Ride Him Out of Town on a Rail

Apparently, the game version of Harry Potter 7 (part 1) sucks.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to me.  After all, the 7th book sucked, too.  Here’s the plot.  They camp.  Oh, and they kill Voldemort in the last 20 pages or something.  But sleeping in a tent comprises most of the book.  So the game creators took some liberties and made it so that Harry fights a bunch of dark wizards.  And nothing else happens in the whole game.

What I want to really focus on, though, is the Kinect sections of the game.  There isn’t much talk about them in the blog, but that’s just it.  There isn’t that much to them in the game.  From what I read, it’s a rail shooter with wrist-flicking.  We all expected new things with the Kinect, but so far I haven’t seen any.  All of the sports games are repeats of Wii games, even the boxing that people find amazing.  Then there are the dance games that happen to include more than your feet, but they’re still dance games.  Even with motion sensing, rail shooters have been in existence for a very long time.  Except Pokémon Snap sounds like more fun than this.

I was pretty excited about the Kinect before, but it feels like just another piece of Debord’s Spectacle.  Is there anything real behind this achievement?  Or is it all just bells and whistles?

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