RIP Bizarre

The team behind Geometry Wars, Bizarre studio, an inventive and graphically unique arcade games, is about to be dropped. Activision purchased the company with hopes of overhauling the racing game genre. Under Activison, Bizarre released two games , one critically praised, the other met with average reviews and both under performing monetarily.

The dissolution of of Bizarre by Activision is imminent and I am disappointed. Bizarre, up until their purchase of Activison, handled smaller budget games, with much less production values. I feel as if Activision hasn’t given Bizarre a chance to flourish in the medium they are accustomed to. Perhaps they couldn’t rise to the challenge of working under a major studio, but I wish both Activison and Bizarre could have come together and make their strengths work together.

While I hope the rumors are just that, rumors… if not, well, RIP Bizarre.

Post Author: Hannah Mars

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