Response to Free Culture

1. You can have an idea, no one can take that away, but for others to be able to recognize it legally I suppose you have to go through a process of protecting it and basically insuring that this idea or product of your is your own and no on else can rob you of it.

2. Natural right is basically undeniable rights that everyone is entitled to their own ideas. Everyone can have a part of your idea really once it is distributed. The law of copyright can only protect your rights to your intellectual property so much. Protecting them any further to some extent would result in depraving people’s own natural rights.

3. Industries ultimately just want to grow and be profitable. That is undisputed and the final motive for how industries progress. New intellectual properties or products that are in any industry will always be desired to continue to make that industry relevant and competitive. Otherwise some other industry may rise and make it obsolete. Once a new idea arises or something is proven to be quite successful, others will take note and usually try to cash in on the success of others. At least try to compete with it otherwise they will be left behind. Industries want to preserve themselves. in order to do this they must continue to evolve and stay competitive otherwise remain left behind to die.

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