Berger chapter 7

1. The cultural code in which i read text i think would be from a more “urban child” view. My social situation i would say is athlete, since I enjoy playing basketball and football and don’t suck at either.

2. I use both drawing and graffiti plus rap and soul as a escape, they both go hand in hand because if I’m doing one I’m bound to do the other.

Berger chapter 8

1. A holodeck is a type of virtual reality that was used in Star Trek. The Holodeck was able to depicit the real word in a real like virtual place and can be stopped, changed and started back again. The holodeck is supposed to represent the computer in the 20th century.

2. The three are, 1. immersion, 2. through agency, and 3. through transformation.

The game for me that fulfills these three is 2k11. In which i can create a mirror image of my self and put him on my favorite team and wreak havoc on my most hated teams and bring the gold to my team.

Chapter 15

1. An example of “hot” media would be the Internet simply because its loaded with so much information. An example of  “cool” media would be television because even though it is HD doesn’t mean it’s in High definitionand filled with info.

2.  I actually do believewe are in a global village. The book explained it perfectly, with the Interneteveryone can know what anyone one is doing on the other side of the world with one click from your mouse. We are all “close” in a way because of that.

3. I don’t agree with the idea, Only because i know with the majority of media there is a message to be sent. With my media there is always a message if  its complex or simple its still there.

McCloud Chapter 3

1. In most batman comics you see a punch being thrown and the words Bam! and you can kind of automatically say that someone got hit…hard. The closure in those panels would be that Batman KOed a bad guy.

2. Intervals in comics are like periods in sentences. It is just a slight moment of silence or a break in too much action.


the perfect example….

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