Dante… What have they done to you?

Rey Gutierrez, a senior social media specialist recently posted on the Playstation blog about the upcoming game created by Ninja Theory and Capcom, the popular, Devil May Cry series has taken a different direction with the design of everyone’s favorite demon slayer. This topic is very interesting because we had a conversation last week in class about how players these days generally do not get that attached to their avatars. If that was true then why did tons of people react in such a harsh way.

Shortly after the trailer came out, many gamers we’re quite confused with what they had just seen. Obviously, I feel that there is no way that I will be able to tell whether I like it or not until I get my hands on the game. I also feel like it is a good thing, because there might have been people from the beginning that maybe thought his original design was not as great. Only time will tell as we await this iconic title to be released onto the market. Until then, I must say that I have mixed feelings and I feel like people should give it a chance before knocking it completely. I think DmC is in good hands.


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