Berger/Zetell responses


The surfer clearly is the focal point of the photo. He is magnetized to the center so that the viewers eyes are directly on him. The waves dominate the background and make it appear as though they are in motion and closing in on the surfer. The photo has light graphic weight because of the light colors and the fact that the figure is centered. The surfer balances the photo by being right on the horizon line. In regards to depth, it looks as if the surfer is surrounded by water especially on the left hand side. This appears to be a imagine with limited depth, but if you look at it closely, the surfer is embedded into the water.


1. I agree with Saussure for the most part. Images shape words and vice versa. Say you are reading a description of a tropical paradise. The words we read give our mind descriptions of what this tropical paradise looks like. Every single person will have their own view of this place because of how their mind works.  The same words can also symbolize meanings. For example, in internet language “lol” might actually mean “laughing out loud” or it could just be something to say to fill the silence which it is most likely used for these days.

2. We sleep when we are tired and we wake when we are rested.

Ch. 2

1. I think in movies like “300” and “Sin City” lighting plays a very big role. Both of these films were very dark and gray which symbolized the movies in a way. You use lighting to set the scene for the viewers and highlight the important aspects of the film. On top of that, dramatic lighting really capture the emotions that you want to convey in a particular scene.

2. What symbolizes the USA is one word “Unity”. We unite as a country especially in moments of catastrophe, like Pearl Harbor, or the Attacks on September 11th.

Ch. 3


“The Sea is a hungry dog” – Means that sea waters are willing to take a bite out of you and bother you much like a hungry dog


Caution tape signifies that behind the yellow stripe there are things that we have to be careful with.


1. A current media narrative right now would be the ongoing recession and unemployment rate and how Americans are struggling to get back on their feet.

2. A film that breaks the “beginning, middle, end” technique could be “Fight Club”. Fight Club without your initial knowledge starts at the End, then goes to the beginning, middle and finally meets back up at the End where the movie began. This technique warped your mind and made you think hard while watching the movie, a technique that most movie makers do not know how to do.

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