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Well, though I find the topics of the class philosophically stimulating, I must be honest in stating that I find the pursuit of games less stimulating.  I am uncertain if this means I am a casual gamer, or if it is something deeper.  I am also uncertain if this means gamers are less worried about these ideas than the scholars studying this counterculture.  I find myself generally unable to get into long involved games anymore.  I play new games with friends at their houses, but am more likely to download mini-games and play them for hours.  Which I generally only get to  do so during breaks when visiting friends.

Many games now are very short for the price as well.  Certainly, the graphics may be stunning, but that does not ultimately make the game fun.  Take for instance Katamari.  This game is not particularly great on graphics, but that is the point.  It is a silly fun game.  The graphics are styled for the world created.  However, another game in a similar vein would be Little Big Planet.  Though the graphics were a part of its charm, so was the fun!  It is a silly game of sack people and, you could create diverse interesting levels.  I would even dare to argue that the GTA series is a silly game with the amount of over the top violence and sardonic yet sophomoric humor.

But as I have said before, I am having a crisis of faith in games and a majority of those who play them.  If it is all graphics and violence, and a system like the wii with a revolutionary control device that Nintendo desperately needs to develop more interesting uses for is selling to gamers of many ages, has fun been forgotten?  But why all the rambling, mostly because thinking about the possibilities of what next great game could be played and created leaves me with a desire to play sit down role-playing games and is more interesting to me than playing many of the video games developed now.  But I am a creature of habit.

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  • briley

    (03/02/2010 - 12:04 pm)

    I’m interested, too, in the idea that mini-games or casual games are somehow less “game” than the big RPG time-sinks.

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