Critical Bits 2: Favorite (And Least Favorite) Characters

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I really should have gone with Garrus.


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Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown, my favorite character besides Garrus.

So Calvin and I decided to give the Skype thing a try, and here goes!  We’ve got a nice little Critical Bit, while I try to track down an editor for the TWO WEEKS AGO show.  Yeah, I’m being lazy, but it was midterms!

Earthbound Photoguy I talk about towards the end of the show

We rap about our favorite characters, and some we don’t like, as well as fly off on a few tangents.

A funny video of Garrus Vakarian, my main man from Mass Effect

I think I yawn a few times too, great journalism…^_^”’


Eddie Riggs

Eddie Riggs, another example of why Tim Schaeffer does in fact need to switch to directing animation.

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