Critical Hit Episode 10: DOUBLE DIGITS

Video Games cured my addiction to Dungeons and Dragons.


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Read me.

Calvin Pohlhammer, my long time friend, joins us today for the show! Calvin was my inspiration for starting the show actually, so it’s finally come full circle.  He brought to our halls some excellent topics!  We cover Co-Op games vs. Cooperative game play, and where developers need to draw the line.  We discuss the opening of the new Broadway Lodge for Addiction in England, and whether video game addiction fits among the ranks of drugs and alcohol addictions. Our not so shocking discovery in the podcast!

Later this week, we have a SPECIAL THREE PART SHOW.  We interviewed David Hellman two weeks ago, and we’re going to share the fruits of that sit down with you.  Enjoy!

This kid must be playing the greenest game ever.  And he's too close to the screen.
He must be playing the greenest game ever...and he's too close to the screen.

Musical Breakdown


Team Teamwork- Jay-Z “No Hook” (Meeting the Owl)

Calvin threw this at me as a song for this week’s show.   Obviously, I agreed.


GaoGaiGar OST- Power of Desire

And here’s a clip of Mic Sounders the Thirteenth using the song in context


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