CH Expansion Pack 3: Gen Con days…THE REST.

I got off work at 4am last night.

James, Steve and I singing Pizza Day by The Aquabats on the car ride down.


During the last two days:

-I escorted Vic Mignogna through the exhibit hall, encouraged his purchase of a Star Trek TOS T-shirt.  Found out Vic is in the Star Trek: New Horizons series, and that he voiced Junpei in Persona 3.

-Met Tom Wayland and assisted him in a few panels including a dramatic read of a Vampire Hunter D story, and Hentai Dubbing.

-Dubbed me some hentai. Quotes of the Dub: “I can’t *** unless you do your best Robert DeNiro!” “Churn my butter!  Churn it like I was Amish!” “701, 702, 703, 704…HIGH SCORE, *****!” and “Focus the camera!  Is it focused? Come ON mom!  It’s the button on the side!”

-Did several interviews, including David Gaiter, the Lead Writer for Dragon Age: Origins and Geoff Battone, Creator and Game Designer from Slugfest Games and James Jacobs, editor-in-chief over at Paizo Publishing. Links to all those coming in soon.  My MP3 encoder isn’t working on this computer.

Hear the interview with Geoff Battone


-I embarassed Geoff Battone from Slugfest when I admitted to playing Red Dragon Inn as a drinking game.  But we talked about his inspiration for designs, and what it was like to be a new company at a convention during their first Gen Con in ’04.

Listen to me talking to James Jacobs


-When speaking to James Jacobs we discussed their new Pathfinder game (which I picked up).  Pathfinder is written over the open source 3.5 rules, and is poised to take a bite out of the tabletop market from Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.  Also, spellcasting classes get cantrips for free.  Win.

Observe as I nerd it with David Gaiter


-I press David Gaiter about the dialog choices in Dragon Age: Origins, asking him about the writing process for dialog.  He touched on the Mass Effect meter, but pointed out that Dragon Age: Origins is more about the consequences of your actions.  This made me smile.  Morally gray options!  Yay!  No multiplayer in Dragon Age: Origins, by the way, but he discussed how they worked through the process of deciding whether to have it in the game or not.  I also embarass the hell out of myself with a brain fart.  Listen in.

-Watched “Gamers: Dorkness Rising” and was pleasently surprised.  The movie was funny and very, VERY nerdy.  I got every joke, and I enjoyed the level of detail put into the production.  If you get a chance, watch/buy Gamers and Gamers: Dorkness Rising.  Must have fun films for the D&D player in all of us…D&D players.

-Worked the overnight shift last night, till 4am this morning.  Woke up sleeping people, chased people from the hall, busted people for drinking, checked a room of 1,000 people playing TCGs for their badges.  Some people were nice.  Others gave me sass.  I remained professional, but it was a THOUSAND PEOPLE.  Heh, I had a good time with it.  Then I woke up more sleeping people (Quote of the night: “You don’t have to touch me, man!”), I drove the cart around a bit, I checked badges some more.

-Bought Johno a present. Tee hee hee!

-Got my picture taken by Brandy.

-Might be staffing Otakon next year.

-Went to a bar where the drinks were cheap but sugary as all get out.  Yech.

-I’m listening to the Beyblade opening “Off the Chains” right now in the Westin Lobby and rocking out while Vic signs autographs.

-Trying to get these damn files to compress down so I can upload them faster.  A 5 minute interview should not be 70mbs!

I’ll be back in Chicago on Tuesday, friends.  I’ll see you all soon, but if anyone is a licensed massage therapist…I’m going to need one.  My dogs are baaaaaarkin’.

Working hard, or hardly workin? Hahashutup.
Working hard, or hardly workin? Hahashutup.


PS: “I have an Ouran [Boys Club] guild on NeoPets, and when I told them I’d see you they all wanted me to ask you to say ‘Hi!’.” Quote.

PPS: Vic Mignogna, myself, and the cast of the Westin Indianapolis Lobby singing “Piano Man” while Vic plays the piano.


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