Critical Hit Episode 6: Apparently we already hate “Dante’s Inferno.”

Critical Hit Episode 6 didn’t even put up a fight!


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The nickname for James is Jim.
The nickname for James is Jim.

James Mosingo, great friend and talented artist, joins us this week on the show with Joe and John Gosling.  James joins in on our discussions of viral marketing techniques (including a deconstruction of EA’s Dante’s Inferno fiasco at San Diego Comic-Con), answers the question “Why do we play bad games?”, and drops some freshness on us with his thoughts on character design.

Hey there, good-lookin.
What...*am* I?

Oh, and we spend a good deal of time ragging on Dante’s Inferno for some reason.

What are your thoughts on EA’s tactics?  What do you think about this new Dante’s Inferno game?  What character designs stand out as good/bad to you?  Comment and share your thoughts!  And to bring back an old habit I need to remember, hit the jump to get a list of the songs I used in this episode’s intro/break/outro.

Hey there, good-lookin.
Hey there, good-lookin'.

Feel free to send in thoughts and topics to, as well.  We’re eager for your feedback!

PS: I’m not sure how many times we say the words “Dante” or “Breasts”.  Someone should count.

PPS: As much as we give Kotaku’s editors a few jabs in this episode, we use their services a LOT in this show’s creation.    Head over to and see where we get the majority of our  breaking stories from.

Musical Breakdown


Reverend Horton Heat – You’ve Got a Friend in Jimbo


Susumu Hirasawa – Forces


PENPALS – Tell Me Why

…so I’ve been watching a lot of Berserk lately, bite me.

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