The Future Looks Real

In terms of technology, 10 years is more like 100 years when it comes to innovation. Technology changes at such an incredible speed it can be extremely difficult to play catch up. When that technology relate to gaming, the biggest draw is how “good” the game looks. The graphics, lighting, animation, character models, all those […]

Paper Dos

Gary Tremble Game Culture A. Hicks 4/28/12 Moving Forward   Technology continues to advance as the years go by and each year there is always some type of technology introduced that blows the consumers away. In video games the player can see these new technologies incorporated because of the technology installed into the system that […]

The Future of Violence in Video Games

Constantly being brought up by the media is the subject of video games and video game violence. It’s always been something that has been shrouded in controversy. What many of us see as not a big of deal is actually quite a big topic of discussion. Some say that children shouldn’t be exposed to violence […]