Paper #2

Video Game Raslism In 10 Years Video game companies are always looking for ways to make their games more realistic and this is what gamers expect to happen as new games come out. In 10 years, graphics of today will look like what we consider PS2. Old, poorly rendered and laggy is how they will […]

Welcome to the Gaming World

10 years is a lot of time for video game technology to evolve, but with that time frame I can only think we can only achieve a way to use motion control successfully.  Then again gamers can still be using controllers when playing games.  During this time the game industry will be trying to invent […]

Games as Art

Within 10 years, video games will be considered a form of art.  The definition of the word “art” has been misinterpreted since the dawn of civilization.  Any new form of media starts with an invention made for science.  Then it brings forth discovery, along with some skepticism, and finally cultural acceptance.  This has happened with […]