Game Log 4: Skyrim

The melee combat in Skyrim is one of the aspects of combat I enjoy the least it has some positives but these do no overshadow its flaws. When it comes to melee combat with a weapon often times I find that the weapon seems weightless as if I was swinging a paper sword around. This […]

Little Sisters

Starting from where I killed Dr. Crazy, I quickly run into my first Little Sister. I didn’t have to fight the Big Daddy as I had feared. I also didn’t have to fight the Little Sister at all. Instead of the nasty demon child I expected, she’s just a little girl with weird eyes cowering […]

Skyrim part 4

My character spent most of the time doing small tasks within the town, which added up very quickly. While the character was doing that, I made sure to take my time and admire all the buildings and objects in the world. Unlike the small towns that my character went to so far the city itself […]