Everything Bad… pages 1-25

Steven Johnson’s Everything Bad is Good for You makes valid points in only its first twenty five pages. Johnson’s sleeper curve seems to hold a lot of answers that the game playing crowd has been yelling about for years that those on the outside can’t or refuse to see. When he hypothesizes a world where children […]

Everything Bad…#1

Everything Bad is Good for You seems to be a very informative book. Within the first 25 pages I am amazed at the thinking process of Steven Johnson. He made me realize things I never really noticed before. For example when he was talking about the actual downfall of reading books compare to playing video games. It amazed me the way […]

Steven Johnson pg. 1-25

I am very interested in Steven Johnson work in the book Everything Bad is Good for You. In the first 25 pages of Johnson he explain the sleeper curve, which start off going in to detail about   games from his childhood like American Professional Baseball Association (APBA). While reading that part I can see how complex […]