JW, Week 2

This Means This, That Means That (“What do you think of this picture?”): When it comes to intentions, just how much do our prejudices cloud our ability to judge one’s work? Will we ever escape it? Should we? Zettl: Vector: A graphic vector is created by the hall, and an index vector is created by […]

Web Designer for ElevenelevenJewelry

Elevenelevenjewelry would like to move forward and invest more on developing good website. Currently we use home developed web page, but we realized that we have to do more. Our business is solely rely on Internet sale,either home page or through Etsy, spreading word using social media like Facebook or Twitter. Current web site give […]


Interestingly enough, the English used to make helmets out of pith, and there’s an addon for safari known as Pith Helmet.  Hopefully thats not all the pith in this post 🙂 The Six Main Types of Field Forces are: Main Directions Magnetism of the Frame & Attraction of Mass Asymmetry of the Screen Figure and […]