Dead Space

  Dead Space is a very well developed game.  Even though there is no multiplayer, the single player feels like it has benefited from the extra attention.  The amount of detail is very impressive.  The fact that the game is in third person over the shoulder view allows the player to watch all of the countless […]

Moral Panic    “The Designer’s Notebook: The Moral Panic Isn’t Over Yet,” an article on Gamasutra by Ernest Adams, looks at how the new administration will affect politics concerning video games.  Adams thinks that while Barack Obama has seemed to support videogames, he may not be as good for the industry as we think.  Obama is […]

What plot?

I’ve stopped paying attention to the actually plot of Golden Sun so I can just get to the end of the game and move on with my life as a gamer. Aside from the basic save the world plot, I’m now supposed to be going to rescue someone or other that got kidnapped or something […]