Reading Response to “A Rape in Cyberspace”

Julian Dibbell’s “A Rape in Cyberspace” brings up the rammifications of violence in a “non-violent” space. It is hard (for me at least) to define the scope and depth of digital violence. If you say something online, there are chances that you don’t mean it and are being sarcastic. However, it’s hard to note that […]

Game Culture Watch #2

My beat is, and it’s been updated since last time with more reviews for new games.  Under the “Top stories” category are the reviews for D1 Grand Prix and One Piece Carnival.  Actually, I found this rather odd because after reading both articles, the reviewers stated that both games were awful.  In addition, these […]

Game Journal #3

I am getting very tired of the characters in Final Fantasy X-2.  From a marketing point of view, I suppose that the developer felt having scantily clad women would be a strong selling point.  However, I can now assert that this seriously distracts from the gameplay.  Perhaps it is also loosely connected to why men […]