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Week 4 Linkshare

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Here are a few interesting links I picked up in the past link. Wireless signal synth- an analog synth that uses nearby wireless signals as control input. The Bed- a datavis installation piece shown at the recent ITP Winter Showcase. The piece aggregates RSS feeds looking for news stories related to “conflict.” It then extrapolates […]

Linkpocalypse! CCIE Edition

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Ahoy! This is covers Week 2 and 3 of linksharing for Computer-Controlled Installation Environments. Enjoy! ShadowButtons: An interactive video installation that responds to the ambient luminosity of the room. Built in C#, using the EmigaCV library. ImaginArt: A neat installation that combines books with digital projection to create a unique storytime experience. Built with Max/MSP. […]

Kinematifest submission deadline Feb 27th

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The Kinematifest festival accepts and judges within the categories of 2d animation, 3d animation, sequential art, compositions, visual effects, and interactive media. winners and “Best in Show” will receive awards. February 13th deadline extended to February 27th.  A Webster University SIGGRAPH Festival