Reading Response: Michel Chion

So I read just the first section of a Michel Chion online publication that can be found at the ElectroAcoustic Resource Site The part that I read was called In Search of The Sound Object, and basically is just an overview of sound art.  It was really helpful for me to have this base knowledge […]

Reading: Music as a Gradual Process

This essay was written by a man named Steve Reich, and is about minimalism and his views about composing music. Before reading this article I have always thought that minimalism was a polite way of saying not good. I have only really been exposed to it in more popular music, for example, Meg White the drummer of […]

Listening Analysis: Schaeffer Cont.

This is me digging a little deeper into Pierre Schaeffer’s Etude Aux Chemins de Fer. I am having all sorts of trouble trying to upload a Jpeg of a chart I made so I will try just to type my way through it and see what happens. First I will discuss how I think this piece […]