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iPhone Apps, What’s Mac to do?

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Original article can be found here. As it turns out, Apple is unsure how to handle the influx of iPhone applications, most of which are games (or decidedly game-like).  The article says that, to date, over 500 millions(!) applications have been downloaded from the app store.  That is a very large number. In a way, […]

Is Sony Crazy?

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Maybe. (Sony Makes It Hard to Develop for the PS3 on Purpose) Part of me can sympathize with the choice they’ve made. Filtering out the junk from the nuggets of gold seems to be a decent priority. Heck, Apple can do it, why can’t they? However, the developer in me wants to scream bloody murder. […]

Are Games Too Expensive?

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Are games too expensive? I’m on the fence, honestly. At first, I was pretty adamant against paying the premium price for modern console games. Back when I bought PS2 games, I thought that fifty dollars was quite a bit. Ever since the $60 dollar price point became the standard for the modern consoles, I’ve been […]