violence in absolution

When playing through the next few levels of absolution I paid attention on how violence way portrayed in the game and I was interested in the result. The setting and gameplay within each level has an ongoing battle where the game is pulling the player in different directions. On one side the game tells you […]

Reading Response (week six) – Head-to-Head

Gaming magazine Eletronic Gaming Monthly pits two advocates on opposing sides of the video game violence debate, hoping to better expose each side’s arguments in this ever-long media quarrel.  Trial lawyer Jack Thompson, the “anti-violence crusader” known for speaking out against violent video games in popular news media squares off against Henry Jenkins, director of […]

Blog Response (week three) – Bulletstorm Worst Game Ever, Causes Rape

Is Bulletstorm the worst game in the world? That’s the question posed by Faux News (sorry, Fox News) in their typical fact-free, hate-mongering fashion. Fair and balanced journalism it’s not, typically the Associated Press style guidelines discourage professional journalists from leading an audience into a particular belief with a weighted headline. But let’s face it, […]