Reading Response

  Jane Mcgonigal is an amazing game designer who wants games to solve real problems to help the world live better. In her second TED talk she starts with talking about playing games on your death bed and how many people say you will regret all the time spent playing video games when I know […]

Games make Life and Death

designer Jane McGonagall gave a ted talk about games and how they can boost your life. specifically by giving someone 7 min through 4 stabilizers that can boost your life span!. She relates to 5 common regrets that people have before dying and how when she was on bed rest she had these same feelings. […]

Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal to me, seems to be like one of the premier gaming activists. I really like the idea behind her goal. Having  a game designer nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize would be pretty awesome. One reason would be because that game would have affected the world in some great, positive way. Another reason […]