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1st Paper

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Gone Home How do various constraints create a successful immersive experience? Has humans, we have various natural limitations. With most video games, characters are given special powers or exceeding that human limitations, but in gone home, there is nothing special about the character. In the game you’re only able to act as a human does [...]

The Valve Cabal

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The “Cabal” is a design system set up by the game development company Valve. The Cabal was set up during the development of the game Half-Life to solve problems the design team was facing. The main problem was that after a year of hard work valve was left with a game that was unfun, didn’t [...]

The subtle storytelling of Dragon Warrior 7

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Dragon Warrior 7 is a Japanese role playing game (JRPG) from the PlayStation 1 era. This is an era I often personally refer to as the “Golden age of JRPGs”. Dragon Warrior 7 is well known for it’s unusually length. At a standard pace, doing none of the optional side quests or bosses, the main [...]