Games make Life and Death

designer Jane McGonagall gave a ted talk about games and how they can boost your life. specifically by giving someone 7 min through 4 stabilizers that can boost your life span!. She relates to 5 common regrets that people have before dying and how when she was on bed rest she had these same feelings. […]

Game Journal: Warframe Part II

A few friends of mine have been playing Warframe as well, so I’ve been joining them for the four-player co-op sessions that make up the game. Having played through a fair amount of the content now, I have a few gripes, and a few inconsistencies that I’ve noticed. One of the things that jumped out […]

Piercing the Spectacle

In this article I a player of games in this related time can understand what it means to pierce the spectacle. The fact is that in this modern day people no longer have the ability to hold much patience, and why should they? Humanity is granted the technology now to educate, and distract there mind […]