Gone Home Essay

FullBright Company’s Gone Home creates a brilliant gaming experience that can leave players completely immersed in the game’s awesome story told through unique story telling methods. In Gone Home you play as young lady named Katie Greenbrier. At the start of the game Katie is arriving to an empty home after a long time spent […]

Thesis Statement Machinarium

Paul Aikonedo October.22.2013 Game Culture Thesis Statement Machinarium In a video game the player’s movement is limited. A game strikes a balance between the things a player can do and what the game will allow. So how is the player limited in the game?  Machinarium, a puzzle game for all consoles, is a good game […]

Video Games’ Impending New Wave

Whether a game is developed by independent or AAA developer, whether they are of a hardcore or casual nature, whether developed for the console or PC, all games are implicitly expected to provide the same thing to their player; immersion. In discussions of game design, people use the words “immersive” and “quality” interchangeably. Elements in […]