1st Paper

Gone Home How do various constraints create a successful immersive experience? Has humans, we have various natural limitations. With most video games, characters are given special powers or exceeding that human limitations, but in gone home, there is nothing special about the character. In the game you’re only able to act as a human does […]

Psycho Home

Gone Home exploits familiar horror tropes to create tension in its story. Up until its final moments, the game’s eerie atmosphere hints at an impending terrifying discovery. Creepy lighting, an unnerving soundtrack, and disturbing imagery induce a sense of urgency in players to finish the game in order to solve its underlying mystery. Players assume the […]

An Unlikely Symbol

Serina Johnston 3/27/14 Andrew Hicks Game Culture Thursday 3:30-6 An Unlikely Symbol     Houses can be used to symbolize a lot of things, family, normality, even your own self-discovery. The video game Gone Home uses an empty house to symbolize a relationship between estranged sisters. Katie comes home after traveling to an unfamiliar house […]