Reading Response 6

In chapter 15 of Making Sense of Media, it talks about Marshall McLuhan’s insight about “hot” and “cool” media. “Hot” media meaning filled with data in high definition and “cool” media meaning little to no data and low definition. When reading this, what came across my mind was movies versus books. Movies being the “hot” […]

Mark Narancich – Getting Caught Up! (Accidentally Missed One Chapter) & Berger 4-6

In Scott McCloud Chapter 2: He goes and shows you what kind of icons there are. Symbol being one of them. He said if you slightly distort a language, or a face, it could mean the same or different thing. What if you distort a symbol? He never went over that. Does it become parody? […]

Response to Berger Chapter 16 Jameson and Post Modernism

1)It’s really just modern thought in the most basic definition. Thought to be more specific it can describe culture tendencies and cultural movements as well. Often associated in western culture via the 19th and 20th century. A revolt against conservative values of realism. 2)An example of modernistic art would be Hans Hofmann’s “The Gate”. Really […]