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Hey Baby, check out this post!

Have you heard of “Hey Baby”, the FPS game free for download for your PC? It stirred up quite a bit of controversy. The game lets player’s gun approaching enemies, however in this game the enemies are men who are hurling pick up lines and cat calls in your direction. Many applauded the game for it’s social message packaged in the extreme violence. The game was part of our discussion during the weekly 3G meeting. What do you think? Is it wrong? Is it right? Is the game any good? Let’s hear what you have to say.

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One Response to “Hey Baby, check out this post!”

  1. As long as I don’t think of this as a “game” I’m actually pretty ok with it as a way to communicate frustration, experience events in another person’s shoes, vent some harmless frustration and make it a way to start a conversation.

    As a game, it’s one dimensional… however, if that aspect of the game was intentional, it kind of shows the one dimensional way women are often viewed by those who throw cat-calls.

    I guess, for me, it’s an interactive statement simulation, not a game… not offensive, and like most good art, causes me to think differently about situations.